Magic Shatters the City!

Magic Shatters the City! cover

The dieselpunk dystopia of City 01 isn’t real.

It’s an isolated digital universe, an immersive computer simulation of a totalitarian state conjured by a technician obsessed with the culture of the interwar years of the 20th century. In this brutal one-party society, the Administrator reigns supreme, and magic does exist—as rogue and reality-warping code. As such, it’s outlawed and punishable by death …

Following a strange lead, officer Joseph ”Joe” Castling of the Antimagic Division gets infected by a magic virus and soon finds himself partially transformed into a surreal insect with grotesque outgrowths.

The clock is ticking. Castling must find a cure for this occult illness before his colleagues finds out about his disease. The only way to do this is to try and track down those that infected him in the first place …

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